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Four members band (drums, bass, keyboards, sax), that plays alternatIve jazz, post rock, jungle, funk, dnb, ambiental music.

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Mario i Maja
NT Wave

NT Wave

Enjoy Techno Party played with just one guitar!

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Beat Busters Crew on Sunday 23.06.2013. (23.30) at MSU with Prolight Laser Harp! Welcome! 


Beat Busters Crew were 23.06.2013 at MSU with Prolight Laser Harp!




Beat Busters Crew performed at Gricevanje 23.12.2012 with DJ phillipe and VJ liik









Beat Busters Crew were at Jabbaton presents: #TrinityOFF TV Live, Boodla.com & Radio808 launch party 19.11.2011. @ KSET with Floydcide , Zero, Jan Becele , DJ Chill vs. Dirty Hairy vs. Venom, Ineskich, Disco sekcija KSET-a, THE PETEBOX, Phase, Lil Bear, Das Kollektiv, Rea & Mayo + Yesh! , VJ Liik



Springfestival Beat Busting Peformance




30.10.2011 at Chakkas Room BB Crew had Birthday Party



Beat Busters performed at Terrano 2011


16.06.2011 Beat Busters organisied concert in Slavonski Brod






27.03.2009. Tobogan played concert at MMC Kugla, supported by DJs Chatko an phillipe


One of Tobogan first shows at Zagreb Boogaloo Club



Concert organized by Beat Busters Crew in Zagreb 2008



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LessThanAMinute "To Be Remixed"

Beat Busters are proud to offer up and coming Croatian and Slovenian producers the chance to show off their skills with a competition to remix 'To Be' album and have their music released on our label. 

After the remix contest, 10 wonderful remixes were selected, to be part of the first Beat Busters release!

The album is now remixed by many newcomers and well-established producers such as: Bassick (Pier & JAMirko), Yannah Valdevit, Josip Klobučar, Filip Motovunski, Robert Radamant, phillipe, Æon, Yanatz, Capisconne, Juice, Sven Nalis, Brat Leeks, Suppasillious, Moz...

A BIG thanks go to all the competition participants!
More info coming soon!




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