Four members band (drums, bass, keyboards, sax), that plays alternatIve jazz, post rock, jungle, funk, dnb, ambiental music.

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Pic - bijela trojka
NT Wave

NT Wave

Enjoy Techno Party played with just one guitar!

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Mario i Maja




We started work on this album inspired by the book MUTANT MESSAGE DOWN UNDER, and an unusual instrument called the WORLDSTICK, which was given to us by a Norwegian guitar player Roger Ludvigsen. Some notes made by our ancestors that we’ve discovered at the Institute of Ethnology also had some influence.

Even though the World Stick originates from a country very far away from ours, and is used for summoning good spirits, it resembles an instrument called ŠARGIJA which originates from the Balkans. This unique sound, apart from all the other instruments and Mario’s special vocal, is present in all our songs.

The songs were made from the first take (lessthanaminute), but it toke us more than 3 years of studio work to get them polished and perfected to our liking.

In the song FILDJAN we’ve used a sample of a woman from Sarajevo, singing and producing musical sounds on a cofee cup and saucer, recorded in 1970. Many years later this very CD is an evidence of originality and lucidity of music from this area of the Balkans.




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