NT Wave

NT Wave

Enjoy Techno Party played with just one guitar!

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Four members band (drums, bass, keyboards, sax), that plays alternatIve jazz, post rock, jungle, funk, dnb, ambiental music.

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BB Medika Yanatz


Enjoy concerts of 4 most interesting electro musicians LIVE!

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Mario i Maja




Here's a sneak peak of the LessThanAMinute "To Be Remixed" album, mixed by Juice


1. Nobody Knows - Robert Radamant RMX, 2. Traveling to Istria - Filip Motovunski RMX, 3. Let You Know - Yannah Valdevit RMX, 4. Heart Is Where It Hurts The Most - Sven Nalis RMX, 5. Dumb Blind Frozen - Æon RMX, 6. Tješimo Se Satima - Bassick RMX, 7. Try To Believe - Josip Klobučar RMX, 8. Something Wrong With Me - Moz RMX, 9. Closer To The Light - Juice RMX




LessThanAMinute "To Be Remixed"

coming out soon


Beat Busters are proud to offer up and coming Croatian and Slovenian producers the chance to show off their skills with a competition to remix 'To Be' album and have their music released on our fresh label. 


After the remix contest, 10 wonderful remixes were selected, to be part of the first Beat Busters release!

The album is now remixed by many newcomers and well-established producers such as: Bassick (Pier & JAMirko), Yannah Valdevit, Josip Klobučar, Filip Motovunski, Robert Radamant, phillipe, Æon, Yanatz, Capisconne, Juice, Sven Nalis, Brat Leeks, Suppasillious, Moz...

A BIG thanks go to all the competition participants!
More info coming soon!




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