NT Wave

NT Wave



The key starting point of NTs Techno Guitar is unconventional treatment of a conventional musical instrument. With pedals and devices set in his shoes, he makes music that overflows from open wide stereo ambientals to the narrow defined dance grooves with mantric elements. With a present of good audience, the concert always turns into party. Given that the listeners come with previous experiences of listening to stylistic different, albeit by nature of the instrument familiar and usual guitar sound, one of the most common comments after listening is “one image, another tone”, because what the audience hears and experiences is hard to connect to an expected sound of one of the most popular instruments.

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Guitarist and producer NT Wave has collaborated on quality music projects that explore different genres - fusion (Con Fusion), future jazz (Kontrapunkt), etno electro (LessThanAMinute), electro live (Tobogan), dnb (Generation81), etc. He is a member of electro performers team Beat Busters Crew that use unusual objects and electronic devices to make music.He is also a co-founder of the ViBRa Society of Musicians, MIMO, ViBRa BoX (New Music Media).