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Mario i Maja


Four members band (drums, bass, keyboards, sax), that plays alternatIve jazz, post rock, jungle, funk, dnb, ambiental music.

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NT Wave

NT Wave

Enjoy Techno Party played with just one guitar!

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Beat Manifest



Beat Manifest is cultural manifest of authors and promoters of independent music.Founders are NGO ViBRa, Beat Busters in collaboration with Media High School Zagreb.


Jelena Balent, croatian national radio's editor, talks about diversity of music genres on the radio.

Ante Perkovic, musician, promoter, journalist, talks about new trends in music publishing in Croatia.

Marko Yesh, DJ, promoter, talks about buying tickets v.s. making a guest list

Topssy, radio 808 editor talks about engagement or radio editors in exploring a new music scene

Vedran Meniga, musician, promoter, organizer talks about presence of domestic bands at festvals

Dubravko Jagatic, music journalist, manager talks about centers of culture

Vanja Primorac, manager, talks about music management

Ivan Kapec, musician, talks about Ministry of Culture

Luka Pavić, promotor, talks about culture and tourism.

Ivan Đurek talks about allowed sound levels at the concerts, and in the clubs

Sergej Lugović talks about DJ playlists.


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