Capisconne Electro Unity

Capisconne Electro Unity

Capisconne Electro Unity



Capisconne Electro Unity  music is product of different tastes into a harmonic collective improvisation. This sound is relaxing, chillout and jazzy. 

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Capisconne Electro Unity is space - jazz band from Zagreb, Croatia. It originated from a desire to combine the complexity of jazz improvisation, electronic sounds and club attractiveness with therapeutic properties of ambient music. Capisconne EU has released an EP "Activity" for Mexican netlabel "Breathe Compilation, which is German music net promoter Rowolo ranked among the top five Creative Commons album in 2009. Next year it has published a digital album Razor, and on 2011 EP 1. Also, last year, Capisconne EU achieved the international cooperation with the ethnic band of Romania "Anton Pann Band". As a result of this collaboration was created CD "Emerging Landscapes”, which was issued by the association "Nomad "in cooperation with the Romanian Cultural Centre (ICR). Three compositions of Capisconne appeared on the compilation "The Next Mission" of the London based record label “Dubmission”.