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Since 2007 Tobogan is exploring the large unmapped space between a live ensemble setting and electronic dance music; the connection between a programmed beat and an acoustic drum set; the tension between strict form and collective improvisation.

Although the equipment used for the exploration is standard and familiar, such as drum set, guitars and keyboards, it is used in a slightly unconventional way, so for instance the guitar acts as a percussive and atmospheric instrument. The bass, connected through special pedals and processors provides the low end on top of which keyboards and guitar lay the support in the harmonic spectrum. The drum set is leading the way, signaling and giving directions through use of rhythms that usually come from the world of electronically produced sounds also known as beats. There is also a fifth, but deliberately hidden, member of the crew that is extremely important to the whole mission. Let’s just say he is in control of certain mechanisms and machineries that keep the whole party going.

The Tobogan expedition team will always surprise you in some ways, but what is more important, it will always get in the inside of the specific area it is exploring; be it the world of Techno, the dark matter of Dubstep, the funky system of Garage… The team of adventurous musical explorers is here to set you up for a night of music and dance in the most natural and lifelike way possible. Together we will reach for new places that are a long time ahead, in a galaxy far away…